Seamless integration with Excel and Google Sheets Google Sheets add-on

Install. Sign in. Enjoy.’s integration with Excel and Google Sheets couldn’t be easier. Simply get the Excel 365 or Google Sheets add-on, sign in with your account, and start using your Flex functions and integrations.

Flex functions work just like any other spreadsheet function, they’ll just look something like this:

=FLEX('integration-data-set', parameter1, [parameter2])
Google Sheets Add-on

Get the Google Sheets add-on

Get started with on-demand, refreshable lookups in Google Sheets. To install the add-on, open up one of your Google Sheets. Then, click on the “Add-ons” menu and select “Get Add-ons”. In the Add-on dialog, search for “” in the search bar. Finally, click the button next to the Google Sheets Add-on listing to install it.

Using the Google Sheets Add-on
Microsoft Excel Add-on

Get the Excel 365 add-on

Super-power your Excel 365 spreadsheets with on-demand, refreshable data lookups and extracts from your web apps. To install the add-on to Excel, click on the “Insert” menu and select “Get Add-ins”. In the Office Add-ins dialog, search for “” in the search bar. Click the “Add” button next to the Excel Add-in listing to install it.

PLEASE NOTE: This add-on will only function with an Excel for Office 365 subscription (i.e, Office 2016 is not supported). Further, at this time, Excel 365 with “Monthly Channel” updates will only return single cell responses with the add-on (i.e., it will not populate date in multiple rows/columns) until Microsoft updates this channel with its latest calculation engine, which is expected in the coming months. However, Excel for the Web and Excel 365 with “Monthly Channel (Targeted)” and “Office Insider Channel” updates will return multi-cell results. See File > Account > Updates to determine which channel you’re on. Please contact us if you’d like help switching to a different channel.

Using the Excel Add-in

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