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Programmable data feeds
Pipe Builder
Pipe builder in Flex.io

Go from function to functional in just a few minutes

Time to deployment is a lot faster when you can break down complex processes into simpler components. Flex.io provides you with just enough GUI to add your function, test it and then extend it with common functional building-blocks.

  • Quickly create pipes in-app with an intuitive step-by-step interface.
  • Utilize building blocks like connections, requests, conversions, email notifications and more.
  • Prototype a pipe as much as you need; only pay for pipes in production.
Development Environment

Keep working with the tools you know and love

Python? JavaScript? GitHub? Your favorite IDE? Check, check, check and check. Flex.io lets you link to code stored in GitHub or other cloud storage and run it remotely. Develop code in your own IDE, push changes, and run.

  • Add and modify functions inline or link to remote scripts.
  • Create a connection to GitHub and mount functions from private repos.
  • Utilize JavaScript or Python and any number of libraries, such as pandas, Beautifulsoup, Numpy, Matplotlib, LPDF, Lodash and many more.
Development environment in Flex.io
Connectivity in Flex.io

Connect to API content, file stores and databases with ease

A function is nothing without corresponding data. Flex.io enables you to quickly fire off HTTP requests as well as handle OAuth refresh tokens. Further, you can save time using our connector library with pre-packaged functions for accessing common file systems.

  • Call APIs via HTTP request from your functions
  • Access OAuth refresh tokens without worrying about duration
  • Utilize out-of-the-box read/write functions for common file systems including S3, Box, Dropbox, Postgres and MySQL.

Use local storage for all your temp files, caching and staging

Your function probably isn't just a straight file copy, so we've got you covered. Flex.io provides built-in local storage so you can write files, persist data snapshots, cache API content, create temporary files and more.

  • Read and write from and to any number of external files stores.
  • Call local storage directly from functions with a simple file path.
  • Create functions that persist, aggregate and compare data across calls.
Storage in Flex.io
Deploying a pipe in Flex.io

How? When? Where? Who? Run on your terms.

You got your pipe, now let's run it. Fire it off when an email comes in; call it via API endpoint from a static website; schedule it; trigger via webhook; have your users run it on-demand. Flex.io gives you plenty out-of-the-box options to suit your application.

  • Trigger pipes via email receipt or call to API endpoint
  • Utilize a flexible scheduler to easily handle cron jobs
  • Create simple runtime views for end-user execution

Pass along data delivery management to your end users

Need your function to run on-demand against end users' credentials and query parameters? Sounds like a lot of ongoing developer busywork. Flex.io lets you quickly build runtime views that hide all your wiring and lets you delegate authentication and actions to the end user.

  • Create and share runtime views using simple YML syntax
  • Prototype your function with your credentials and enable users to run your function with their credentials.
  • Go beyond a download; enable end-user queries via input forms or pick lists.
Collaboration in Flex.io

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