One API for scalable, programmable data feeds

Programmable data feeds
Code-based custom data feeds

Build custom data feeds that you control with your code

  • Developer Friendly

    Your data feed logic lives in your code. Manage feeds in source control; share and reuse them with your team.

  • Quick Prototyping

    Snap together feeds with pre-built data connections and simple, adaptable building blocks for common operations.

  • Instant Deployment

    Run data feeds from anywhere, whether your codebase or the command line. No need to build or maintain infrastructure.

File Access

Create uniform access to all your files

Access files wherever they're located. provides uniform access to your data and files across multiple accounts in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and other cloud storage services.

  • check Create a virtual file listing across multiple services and accounts
  • check Add logic to select and load only files that match your criteria
  • check Route the output of your feeds to different accounts and folders
Uniform cloud file access
Cloud Integration
Pre-built connectors

Utilize pre-built connectors for cloud databases and SaaS apps

Flexible data feeds start with effortless cloud integration. enables you to instantly connect to SaaS apps, create connections to Web-based databases like MySQL and Postgres and integrate data from multiple sources.

  • check Setup integrations in minutes; add connections to multiple accounts
  • check Move data and files between web apps, cloud storage, and databases
  • check Manage connections and credentials using a permission-based keychain

Focus on core code rather than data infrastructure

Create and run data feeds instantly without provisioning or managing servers. provides a serverless, API-driven framework to execute your feeds on demand, including built-in data processing operations and the ability to create custom steps using Javascript or Python.

  • check Manage feeds without the overhead of maintaining data infrastructure
  • check Deploy instantly without worrying about scalability or availability
  • check Run feeds automatically or use them in your app with an API call
Focus on core code

Create smarter data feeds

input File Selection

Set up selection criteria so that your data feeds automatically load the correct files. Create input filters to exclude files with invalid formats or content.

call_split Routing

Send your data and files to different destinations. Selectively route the output of your feeds based on the criteria you specify.

repeat Conversion

Convert files with a single command. Deliver your output uniformly and in the correct format.

code Custom Code

Create custom steps using Javascript or Python. Add specialized logic and processing steps to your data feeds with tools like Lodash and pandas.

playlist_add_check Batch Processing

Add batch processing steps that act on each file in your feed. Update file content, gather metadata information, or aggregate multiple files.

access_time Scheduling

Schedule your feeds to run regularly at a set time, or trigger them from your app with an API call.

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