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Simplify your app development with building blocks for common API integrations and tasks. Code connects the cloud services you rely on and streamlines time-consuming API integrations in your app. Save months of development effort and build great apps faster.

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Friendly API

Use a modern RESTful API and concise, quick-start SDKs to work with hundreds of web applications in a uniform way.


Orchestrate API-driven workflows, create cloud functions, and move data and files automatically without provisioning or managing servers.


Setup integrations between multiple applications in minutes using your own code. Fork, customize and manage workflows with full control.

Get more from your cloud services

Communication & Messaging

Connect your app to a range of communication channels. Send automatic notifications via chat, text or email. Sync and archive messages across multiple services.

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Cloud Functions

Build custom cloud functions for your app that can be triggered by events in other web applications and leverage data from a range of cloud-based sources.

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Integrate with the collaboration apps you use every day. Use one API to import, combine and sync lists of tasks, issues, meetings and calendar events in different apps.

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Serverless Data Feeds

Extract and combine data from web APIs. Move data and files automatically between web apps, cloud storage, and databases. Share data without sharing credentials.

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